Britt Browne is an interdisciplinary artist and grower living in Los Angeles. She draws on inspiration from deep-rooted Agrarian traditions around the world and is known to go to extremes for these pursuits, Laura Silverman once wrote, “Britt has a mad case for the blues; she’s in love with indigo.” The author would like to add that she is equally keen on working with the elements; she likes to have a good time.

Britt founded Finca Tierra Negra in 2017 with a mission to restore real food nutrition to the soil and vitality to our planet through methods of bio-remediation, restoration and regenerative land/soil management.

Her attraction to color and process have been detailed before and seen inside The Shelburne Museum, The Standard Hotel, For Your Art, Fellows of Contemporary Art, W Magazine, The Plant Journal and The Hammer Museum.

Today you can find her soil building in Pasadena. She is herself and lives with her dog, Samson, hiking, swimming, steeping tea and escaping through to sonic landscapes among other things.


Photo of Britt and her dog Samson by Shelby Duncan