Lasagna Compost

Lasagna Compost


Lasagna Compost is Living Soil.
It acts as an innoculum, bringing the biology back to your soil naturally.
You will find Indigenous Microorganisms in each bag.

Batch 01

Measures: 14 x 10''

Weighs: 2 lbs

Use to layer on your soil AND to make a compost tea. 

Instructions and Recipes included!

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Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) are the bioremediation we need to save our plants and animals from both polluted land and potential disease.

Indigenous Microorganisms do not just contain a single culture of beneficial microorganisms but a mixture of different beneficial microorganisms; it is a village of good bacteria that are living together in harmony with the rest of nature. The term “Indigenous Microorganisms” refers to a group of beneficial microbes that are native to the area, thus the name Indigenous (locally existing, not imported, no fossil fuels). IMOs are the basis of making fertile soil.

It is recommended that you layer it on top of your garden beds like you would a Lasagna. In the form of mulching. (No tilling.)
In regenerating your environment; fungus microorganisms grow first. Their growth attracts nematodes, which in turn attract earthworms and it continues on. This is also referred to as the soil food web. 90% of the organisms beneficial to plants live within 5cm of the soil’s surface.